Monday, 15 January 2018

Welcome Back Me!

Ok, maybe this is a little selfish in a way, but I swear there is a reason for the title. In a way, it is a chance to welcome me back to the world of blogging. More realistically though, I did originally have my blog on this site before switching to Blogger, but I did leave that domain stagnant. No new content for years. Heck, I had a 3 part post about my trip to Kyoto in 2010 in the works but didn't actually post part 3, even though I had written close to 2000 words. That was a good trip though, and I still remember a lot of it.

I am hoping to get a little more active on the blogging side of things as a lot has changed since the last time I posted anything. Everything from the things I've been learning and studying, to the fact that I run a full-blown brewpub now! Crazy right? Maybe not so much. It seems like everyone and their dog wants to open a brewery these days here now that the barriers to entry have dropped significantly over the last few years.

Anyways, I was going to just make this a placeholder post and delete it later, but I figured why the hell not just make a real post and keep it. Just a rundown of some of the interesting things that I may write more about in the future:

  1. The family and I opened up Half Hitch Brewing Company in July of 2016, subsequently opening up our restaurant in January of 2017. Can't believe we are about to celebrate our 1 year anniversary of the restaurant!
  2. Been dabbling around in DJing. Bought a Pioneer DDJ-SB2 to have a little fun with.
  3. Built up a vinyl collection and have been getting a bit into Hi-Fi audio.
  4. Did some studying through Coursera on data science.
  5. Got me into a used Subaru Impreza WRX.
  6. Been doing a lot of study on engine rebuilding, engine physics and mechanics, as well as forced induction.
  7. Just recently started learning CAD.
  8. Had a trip to Japan again, this time with the kids!
  9. Learned to spraypaint auto body style! Maybe not with spray guns, but learning to use rattle cans to do automotive quality spray painting.
  10. I've gotten a lot more into enjoying the distilled spirits, namely whiskey. Oh, that delicious whiskey.
  11. Learning a thing or two about bookkeeping in SAP Business One.
  12. Did some more podcasting. Kind of dropped off the map for the last few months, but will definitely be picking it up again in the future.
  13. Food preservation (freezing and canning).
  14. Intermittent and extended fasting for weight loss.
I know, fairly sizeable list and I could go on. For now, I'll just leave it at that and wonder to myself for a second... how the hell do I have time for this. I guess this is one of the biggest challenges I face. Well, that and having the money to continue with some of it, but certainly the time thing plays a big factor.

For now though, stay tuned!

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